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Praise for Think to Win

“Think to Win is an important and timely book. The principles and practices outlined by the authors, when applied to any organization, will not only build capability in leaders to quickly identify and address business challenges, they also serve to unify organizations around a common language. All are essential to win in the marketplace.”

"Think to Win is that one book that every executive must read and must have their teams read. Their model for strategic thinking is a proven approach to help teams face complex business challenges and achieve extraordinary results. Their approach can be easily implemented and woven into the fabric of an organization so that this becomes the way you think and work."

”If you’re going to win in today’s hyper-tough, global business environment, you’d better outthink your competitors. And Think to Win shows you how. It’s the winning approach I’ve used to turnaround companies like Nabisco and Gillette and launch several new billion-dollar businesses.”

”For CEOs and all leaders who want to outthink their competitors, Think To Win is a good place to start. The book is loaded with practical concepts and best practices from world-class companies and leaders that can be easily applied to any business. A wonderful read for action-oriented leaders.”

”Think to Win turns strategic thinking into action and results. For leaders and those who want to be leaders, Think to Win offers a proven model that combines clear principles with a disciplined process to achieve superior performance. I’ve used the Think to Win approach to revitalize stagnant businesses, turn around troubled ones and ignite global growth opportunities. Think to Win engages an organization in understanding the realities of the situation, aligning on goals and driving improvement.”

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